Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another FO

In an effort to be more creative (like Susan!)I took my Cedar Leaf Shawlette outside into the gorgeous sunshine to photograph - I'm pretty sure photography is not my thing but here are the shots for your viewing pleasure.
I was in a big panic last night because I had about 10 leaves to go and 18 grams of yarn - I managed to finish with 2.7 grams left over. Here's the details: Pattern:Cedar Leaf Shawlette
Yarn: Tanis Purple Label in Lemongrass 1 skein
If I had adjusted my needle size down to a 4.0mm which I normally always do, because I'm such a loose knitter I would have had alot more yarn left over.
The lovely Emily from Viola dropped off my order this morning. Gorgeous, squishy skeins of alpaca/cashmere/silk. 1 skein (1300 yds) will make the Featherweight Cardigan in most sizes. A great deal for a luxurious sweater - $48!

I'm going to be casting on for it momentarily!

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That's "Good For You!"
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