Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why in the world....

wouldn't everyone want to spin? I plied my singles today and got some pretty good looking yarn. I'm not sure how much because of course, today the scale decides that it's not going to work but it's pretty and I'm proud!
As soon as I got this done, I was digging in my stash from my Tanis Fiber Arts superwash merino in Stormy. I really, really want to make a pair of socks from my hand spun so I'm going to really concentrate on getting it thinner this time. Oh and I'm calling Schacht today to get some wheels in here for sale. Lady Bugs and Matchless will be here soon!


baby face said...

I love your colors. That would
make beautiful socks.

Monika said...

Congratulations! I know, spinning your own yarn is just too much fun! I love spinning even more since I got a used spinning wheel which came with a wooly winder on it! No more moving the singles from hook to hook and it packs on the fiber evenly and tighter. I'm so looking forward to my Pigeon Roof Studios fiber!