Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Last January Post

This post will bring my total for January to 10 - that is about one post every 3 days so I'm kind of on target for my resolution. I'm going to try for 14 in February - and if I keep spinning that shouldn't be a problem showing you all my hand spun yarn. Technically, it's probably horrible but I love it! I love every little bit of it. The roving was from Tanis Fiber Arts 200g superwash merino in Stormy . In the picture of the three skeins, I think the one on the left is my best so far. I was spinning some really nice singles for that one. I keep trying to spin thinner and thinner because I really want to make socks but I've already decided that this yarn is going to be this. I have 200g of 2 ply - not sure about what weight I've managed to make but I'll make it work for that pattern somehow! :)
Jennie came by on Saturday for the Moebius class and showed off her Little Colonnade made out of Tanis Multi in Glacier. She thinks the yarn is fun too!
29 days no smoking - just in case you wanted an update!


Susan Pandorf said...

Can't wait to see it, Connie! Should be fabulous!

Creativehands said...

Darn tootin' we want the update!! Good for you!!
I'm so happy that you're getting to your wheel...I should too...
Right now my quilt is calling to me; right now it's still all piecing and then I'll try to arrange it all pretty like.
Talk to you soon, L

Sarah said...

Beautiful handspun hun! (I'm a poet). I didn't go home and spin Saturday but I have been knitting and ripping out old projects and planning! I can't wait to plan our movie night.