Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 20

Before I get to the knitting - I have been meaning to show you this pictures of one of our horses. The kids were making a snow fort and Liam borrowed one of our umbrellas for shelter and must have left it within reach of the biggest brat we have.

My current project is Gaenor. Yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Mist. It's a simple scarf with a pretty lace border. Just enough to keep you interested. Gaenor has a sister too - Argante - a bit more complicated but just as pretty. Both patterns are Help for Haiti which means the designer has pledged a portion of the price to Haiti relief efforts - you really do need both patterns :)

Here's Little Colonnade all done and blocking. The new sock yarn from Tanis was like knitting with a box of Smarties - so much fun! This pattern is also Help for Haiti so while you're at it, you might as well get it too!
Almost 3 weeks now of no smoking and it is getting better - well, at least today! My husband bought me a surprise to celebrate - since we've saved over $200 with me not smoking (isn't that just ridiculous!!??? so much money just up in smoke!!!!) A Sony Reader - I wasn't sure if I'd really like it since I love books so much but I do - it's awesome. I'm already loading it up with all the books I want to take to Florida - it will mean one less bag because I usually bring a bag of books.


Creativehands said...

He is a sweetie!
Keep blogging!
Don't you love all the !!!!!!!!!'s?

Deb said...

Congratulations on your "no smoking"! Although I have never been a smoker, I have lived with a great guy who quit smoking-annd we both survived to tell the tale! Good luck!

Monika said...

Ha, I love your horse! So funny! It's always a win/win situation when you stop smoking! Think of all those years you'll live longer! :o)
I'm waiting for the iPad for my reading pleasure, at least that's what my son said I should do.