Sunday, January 03, 2010

First FO's for 2010

How about that - finished projects already??

Dipped Infinity Scarf Kit from Tanis - blue. I love the way this turned out. It's my favorite colorway so far......very similiar to the original that Laura Chau did. The socks are Through the Loops Mystery Socks - I really enjoyed doing these even though I didn't keep up with everyone - I used Schaeffer Nichole and I can highly recommend both the yarn and the pattern. I going to finish the next sock today - just a bit of foot and toe to do. When I was working on it clue by clue I would work both socks so now I don't have much to do to finish. Then I must finish my February Lady Sweater in We Wear Red - I know, I know a bad knit along-er. Then it's Ulmus Rectangle in my bag to finish and then I can do something new. However, I cannot guarantee that things will go according to plan - this not smoking thing is extremely unpleasant at the moment so I might just knit something new just to placate myself.
This is Dipped Infinity in Green - also a really nice choice of colors from Tanis. Knit by Linda - our very talented Knitter!


Creativehands said...

You can do it!!! Yes, just keep knitting...
"Through all crisis, knit on with hope and confidence." E. Zimmerman
You can't argue with a knitting legend, now can you?

Creativehands said...

"Knit on with hope and confidence through all crisis."
I can't believe I misquoted Elizabeth. Oy.

Sarah said...

Keep it up Connie you can do it. And anything you need to do to (or excuse you need)go for it!

What will your project be?

Clare said...

Nice finishes.
You can do it - just start a new project everyday if you need to.