Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 16

Yup 16 days no smoking! Yay me! I wish I could say it's getting easier - it seemed like it last week but not so much for the last few days. Saturday night I just burst out crying for no reason! All things that can happen as you de-tox but wow! Enough already!
Little Colonade is progressing nicely and the yarn certainly does not disappoint. The links for the pattern and the colorway are in the previous post. I've done one repeat of the lace edging so far - I have 3 to go and then a couple of more rows. This will be my first shawl of 10 in 2010. Next up will be a worsted weight shawl out of one of the Knitosophy colors on Classy that arrived on Friday - have you seen them....gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Colanade is very pretty. it is so nice of you to knit it for me - I'm just repeating what you said on Wednesday!

Sarah said...

you are a shawl knitting machine lately!