Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pins and Needles

I'm sitting here on pins and needles waiting for mail and for UPS - mail because Tanis Infinity Kits are coming and Tempo Tape highlighting tape and all my rug hooking stuff - UPS because they have 2 big boxes of Sweet Georgia which I can't stand waiting for. I'm also planning our Christmas Open House which will be Saturday December 12......I'm on the last repeat of Multnomah which I hope to get blocked today and pictures tomorrow. So at the moment....I'm waiting for things to happen which really rubs me the wrong way because I am the least patient person I know.

Christmas Knitting
Sister in law - mitts - check
Brother in law - hat
Mother in law - striped socks in Montreal Canadians color
Husband - hat
Father in law - Donegal Tweed Scarf - he's from Ireland.
Aunt - something- maybe the Sweet Georgia scarf in Cashsilk
Dad - new hat because I hate the one I made last year
I'd really also love to make neck warmers for all the girls but that would be 7 more things and at the rate I am procrastinating on what I have to do, there's not much chance of that.

Tomorrow is a haircut - did I mention I'm not coloring my hair anymore? I've been going gray since I was 29 and seem to have developed an allergy to hair color. I've tried all different kinds with all different hair dressers and nothing seems to work without me getting itchy like I have lice. Charlotte, my hairdresser now, was putting big chunky highlights and lowlights over the gray to cover it. It worked fine but it takes forever so the last time I went I decided to not color it anymore. This next haircut will reveal even more gray so we'll have to see. The gray is pure white which is nice - my grandmother had beautiful gray hair so maybe it will be like that. I did hear, though, just as I made this decision that men are considered distinguished as they gray but women who don't color their hair are thought to not take care of themselves. Hmmmph!


Anonymous said...

That's an impressive christmas knitting list - I hope you knit everything on your list and I will be by to see it. Looking forward to the Tanis Infinity kit - ahhhhhhhh - too many projects not enough time@!

Creativehands said...

I think choosing how you want to spend your time is important. I think choosing to look after your body, by not introducing unnecessary chemicals, is important. I think every grey hair upon a woman's head has been earned ten times over! I think the happiness that shines through you is ultimately more important than the colour of your hair. I think it's a very good thing that we are knitters; we can knit a hat if we're not happy with our hair. And in closing, if ANYBODY, has a problem with how I chose to wear my hair and any hair related accessories...
They can talk to the hand.