Monday, December 14, 2009

Knitting Machine....

that's what I am! Yes I am a knitting machine! The knitting gift fever hit me on Saturday with a shop full of people and I've been cranking out the gifts ever since. I must admit I was getting a bit worried about myself because I was struggling to choose what to knit, struggling with who to knit for but I've got it happening now.

Teacher #1 done - fingerless gloves from Canadian Living, Birthday Cowl from Ravelry

Teacher #2 hat done, casting on cowl today. By Sweet Georgia Ballard Slouch Hat made from one gorgeous skein of Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Blackberry. This stitch pattern was so easy to memorize that it's what I'm going to use for the cowl.
That's 4 gifts that will be done by tonight - that just leaves 3 more. I've decided on Just Enough Ruffles for my aunt in Sweet Georgia Merino Silk, a scarf for my FIL and hat for BIL. I've got it sooooo together I might just add more gifts I know the secret to Christmas knitting is to wait until the last 2 weeks...............and then the spirit will move you!

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