Sunday, December 27, 2009


I always feel a huge sense of relief when Christmas is over - presents are opened, all the food has been consumed and I have a couple of days to relax. Now I'm knitting what I want, not what I need to - so it's Dipped Infinity in blue for me and a cute hoodie for Quinn out of Laine Magnifiques - I picked up this yarn in Kitchener and it's really nice to work with - might need some more investigation. The Boxing Day sale will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday. Still everything at 30% off - in store purchases only! Don't worry onliners - there's a sale coming up for you just as soon as we verify our inventory counts!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your down time. My family get together was a success but I am glad it is over. I spent the afternoon today knitting with Marion - I'm still knitting Chritmas gifts and will be happy when I can pick a "me" project wihtin the next few days. Thanks for the discounted stash I bought yesterday. Relax and enjoy the quiet time.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about the online sale! Was so disappointed I wasn't able to make the boxing day sale! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Gerry Kinna