Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost sidelined.....

Sunday night I was knitting like a mad woman on my FIL scarf -finished last night by the way - and when I went to get up I felt all funny - my equilibrium was way off. I went to bed and as soon as I laid down I got dizzy - I mean really dizzy - couldn't open my eyes for the room spinning dizzy. I couldn't move for the dizziness - of course, I was envisioning all sorts of wonderful illnesses - stroke, heart problems, the middle ear disease. Even Greg hardly slept for thinking he would have to take me to the hospital. When I got up in the morning I wasn't as dizzy so I decided I would go visit my chiropractor (or quack as we lovingly call her)just in case it was my neck - I was describing my symptoms to her and she said it's actually quite common and happens almost exclusively to women - apparently, there is a nerve running up your neck into your brain stem which controls your inner ear and that caused the problem - it was being hunched over my knitting for hours at a time along with the regular Christmas stress that tightened up my already tight neck and sent wacky signals to my inner ear. After some massage and a few adjustments I was as good as new - yesterday I finished the scarf and now I might just take a knitting holiday. Hat for my BIL got scratched off the list - it's a Princess Auto gift card for him I can knit what I want.......I've got the blue dipped infinity scarf kit all ready to cast on......I really want a Just Enough Ruffles for me out of Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Aran.....or maybe I could finish my rug.........there's gifts still to wrap.....a bit more shopping to do.....right! stress, who's got stress?

By the way - our first ever and first annual Boxing Day Sale is Saturday December 26 (in store only) 30% off everything knitting, 10% off rug hooking supplies. Be there or be square! :)

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