Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's Winter

Well, winter roared in last night in a mess of heavy snow, wind and freezing rain. Things are pretty quiet around here today and I'm sure they'll probably stay that way! I'm trying to upload pictures of my MIL's Montreal Canadiens Socks - they came out beautifully but after two tries no luck. Aha! The picture loaded after try #4!

School buses in York Region were not cancelled - so what else is new? What has to happen before they decide driver and student safety is more important than anything. There was a bus accident this morning in Newmarket - six high schoolers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, thankfully. I didn't send Emma because there was just no way she was going on a bus in this weather.
We're having a Holiday Open House this Saturday, December 12th - 10-40% off a variety of yarns and lots of door prizes to be won. Hot cider and yummy treats are being served as well! I suppose that means I should decorate the shop - for those that know me, I'm not a decorating kind of person - every year I do it against my will. Lisa's in tomorrow - maybe that will be her job! Well, I'm off to watch Julie and Julia on tv with Emma and do some serious Christmas knitting! 2 gifts down!
You know what - I just noticed - I use ! alot!

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Creativehands said...

Hey! Don't wrap the MIL socks yet! I've got something to make it just perfect! Any room with wool is already decorated!
This ! was ! fun!
See you soon!