Sunday, August 17, 2008

No Pics!

I got this new camera and I keep leaving it at the shop OR I have the camera but not the cord to connect it to the computer. Urrrr!

Lisa and I are going on an excellent adventure with our families! I personally cannot wait! We are headed to Chicago for just over a week. It was just supposed to be for a week but then on Friday I got tickets to OPRAH! Can you believe it? I was driving, pressing redial on my cell phone for over an hour and finally got through - then on hold for 45 minutes, then some wonderful girl named Dana came on the line and I got tickets! There were no tickets for before we were scheduled to come home but there were tickets for 2 days later - now wouldn't you stay 2 more days to go to an Oprah taping? I'm so excited - no clue who the guest is, no clue about anything except we have to be at the audience entrance on the corner of West Washington and Carpenter at 7 am. Yay!

We have lots planned for this trip - Sunday we are going to Stitches (that was just luck - I had no idea it was on while we are there), Sunday evening our girls are going to see the Jonas Brothers (be still my pre-teen heart!), Monday we are going to Dream in Color to see what happens there and then lunch with Veronica and Nancy. Tuesday, we have a day reserved at American Girl Place for our youngest girls. My mom started them on American Girl dolls so they are taking their dolls to lunch, a play and shopping for more American Girl stuff! Wednesday, we have tickets to Wicked (and it's Lisa's 40th birthday!) That's all the plans for now - I might just rest up after all that to be all refreshed and happy for Oprah. Oprah? Can you believe it? I'm out of my mind with excitement!


Ada said...

Connie, I'm so excited for you! The Oprah Show! Please take lots of photos!!

baby face said...

I wish you had said what day you
were going to the Oprah show. Who
knows, you might wind up being one
of the guests.