Monday, August 25, 2008

More Chicago News!

Greg, Emma and I had a wonderful day today - we were off by ourselves because Lisa and her family went to Six Flags - they are theme park junkies - us? not so much! We did some exploring on Michigan Avenue and then took a 1 hour carriage ride around the city. We saw some amazingly beautiful homes in the Gold Coast area of the city, saw the shores of Lake Michigan from Lakeshore Drive. Our horses' name was Prince and our driver was Omar - he told us lots of fun facts - like where the original Playboy Mansion was and he pointed out where the new Trump Tower is in Chicago.

This is it between two buildings - it's not finished at the top yet but the bottom is open for business.

Emma enjoyed a visit to the Hershey store - she came home armed with chocolate bars

Oh and this little bag - well - I bought myself a little treat! Stay tuned for the pictures tomorrow!

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Sarah said...

Connie!!!! WHAT IS IN THAT BAG????? I'm dying to know!