Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Was A Wicked Birthday for Lisa!

Wednesday was Lisa's 40th birthday so we celebrated by going to see Wicked in Chicago - it was amazing! I loved it!

Here's Greg, Emma, Lisa, Tiana, Katy and Wendy outside the theatre.

We decided to walk a couple of blocks from the theatre to find a cab back to the hotel. Here we are on the Michigan Avenue bridge. We ended up walking all the way back to the Omni - it was a wonderful day!
We stopped at ESPN Sports Centre for a drink and some snacks - they have over 160 video games. Here's Emma on a race horse game - what else for a horsey girl like her.
Today, we took a double decker bus all over the city - the architecture in Chicago is wonderful and it is
definitely the cleanest city I've ever been in - even the alley ways are clean.

Greg and Emma went to the hotel pool after dinner tonight - which was at the Melting Pot - a fondue restaurant - and met the Executive Chef of the hotel. After they'd been back about 15 minutes this arrived from the chef. Beer for Greg, bottled water for Emma, red wine for me, 2 boxes of Truffles, smoked almonds, cashews. What a treat! I'm thinking I'm glad my husband is such a nice friendly guy! Oh - and it's possible that the Olympic Gold Medalists might be Oprah's guests for our taping.
The chef told Greg they are expected here on Tuesday so we might have hit the jackpot! Michael Phelps is a possibility!
Tomorrow it's off to Navy Pier.

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