Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here's the intersection where our hotel is - Michigan Avenue also known as the Magnificent Mile because of all the shopping.

This is the view from our room - a roof top pool!

Our girls in the Jonas Bros. get ups! Tiana saved all her babysitting money to buy those Ray Bans just like Joe has.....faint!

After saying goodbye to the girls, Lisa and I were off to Stitches with Greg as our driver. He was a wonderful sport about the whole thing - considering he was really a minority.

Lisa is getting busy shopping! Can you tell she's excited? We were buying cashmere at this booth. Great Yarns from Washington.

Stash Enhancement 101
Indie Dyer DVD and Possum Sock from Cherry Tree Hill in the Birches colorway.

This is a gift for Angela - can't show what it is exactly because that would ruin the surprise. This is for taking excellent care of Pick Up Sticks in our absence.

This is Jojoland Melody and the Swirl Shawl pattern that I've been admiring in all the magazines. Can't wait to get started on it!

This is Kashmir from Prism Yarns - 65% cashmere/35% silk - ridiculously expensive but oh so worthy! Colorway is Meadow.

Some new dpns that I've never seen before from Signature Needleworks - can't wait to try these either - super sharp and super light. The price of these made Greg look twice!

I visited The Fold booth and got two skeins of Socks That Rock - one is the colorway Knitters Without Borders and the other is Seduction - 50% merino/50% tencel. Colorway is Fire On the Mountain.

Also from The Fold are the new baby sweater patterns from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

This stuff is called Neat Stuff and is trim for a gorgeous sweater that I bought from Great Yarns - this colorway is Storm and is definitely not something I would usually buy BUT the sample got me - it's gorgeous sweater!

Below the yarn are the buttons I bought for the sweater.

This gentlemen was making socks on a World War 1 sock making machine. Apparently, these were given to lots of French and English women with instructions in both languages to knit socks for the soldiers. Very few of the women could figure out how to use them and so packed them in their attics. Now they are being sold for about $2500 as the antiques that they truly are.
Flat Feet from Conjoined Creations - this has been ordered for Pick Up Sticks so I had to try it!

We stopped for lunch after Stitches at Weber's Grill - all the cooking is down on Webers. The chef opened them up for me so I could get a good picture. The food was amazing!

A very good day with stash enhancement that just might rival Clare!


Creativehands said...

Hey Connie!!
Keep us posted.
Awwww, STITCHES, mmmmmmmm
Maybe next year...

Angela said...

You didn't have to bring any of your WIP's. You've got enough to keep you going for 10 vacations!


PS. The store's still standing. :)