Thursday, December 30, 2010

This post brought to by the pony.....

We love Gidget as I'm sure you've all gathered by now - Emma's show season starts in February so this was our first schooling to get ready for the new season. A schooling is where they take the ponies and horses off property to another barn/arena to have lessons. The change of environment is good for everyone - gets the riders used to the reactions of the ponies and gets the ponies used to being away from home. The jumps are fancier and bigger so it's good experience for everyone.

Here she is all dressed up in her fancy clothes - Emma's coach is a very traditional British riding coach and so the ponies and the riders are to be dressed in sedate colors. Navy wraps and Baker Sheets are the standard dress for shows and schoolings - I have to say, all the ponies look pretty amazing dressed in similiar colors.
The trailer couldn't come into the driveway because the day before it got stuck all over the place so the girls walked their ponies to the property entrance to get loaded - it was a beautiful day and a beautiful picture.

And the sepia - just because I figured out that setting on the camera while watching.
To Creative Hands - Emma's hat from the last post was bought at the Royal Winter Fair - cute eh?

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