Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm completely grumpy!

What a week! Sometimes I had a website, sometimes I didn't - since yesterday afternoon I have no website, no adminstration section, not much of anything. The company that hosts my website has been having big DNS issues - not sure what that means but it must be something big - they fixed it, then it broke, they fixed it, then it broke - yesterday it broke big time and apparently, they've moved it to another DNS but that can take up to 24 hours to update - so still no website.

Then....if that weren't enough - my lovely older daughter, going to be 26 on Wednesday, mother of 2, should know better daughter has lost my camera. She called last night to see if I had it - no I don't have it - today I said there better be a camera in this shop by 3pm. I've got new yarn that needs pictures - and hopefully by then I may have a website to actually work on.

I'm having a big sale too - a big, big sale - and I can't seem to get the word out to everyone I want to. I've been trying since Tuesday to send a newsletter from my website - seems with all the mess, the techy guys say my emails are being labelled spam and so aren't going anywhere. Apparently, I need to move my mailing list over to a bulk emailer - fine with me - can I just get on my website to copy the addresses? Nope not today!

Urrrrr.....I should probably just go back to bed - might not be fit for humans today!

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