Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I did not

finish! I got hung up on Chart 12 for over 3 hours and then realized that Chart 13 had 42 rows instead of the usual 28 or less. Then that hockey game - well who could knit while that was going on - anyway.....I'm still working away happily and am very proud to have completed as much as I did. It was a true challenge and that's what knitting olympics is all about.
Look what arrived yesterday! The Knit Kit! It's the second generation of them and this one includes a 2 ended crochet hook along with all the other fantastic gadgets! It's a must have for any knitter!

The Cricket Loom also arrived. Lisa and I set it up in about an hour and were weaving away before you knew it. I think this is a great intro to weaving without a huge investment and can already see that it's a wonderful use for stash yarn that may never again see the light of day! Just imagine the scarves you can whip up for Christmas!
And at long last, Pick Up Sticks is now carrying Addi Turbo needles and Addi Clicks. This new set of Addis is just too amazing to pass up!

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