Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have not died.....

however, I have contemplated killing myself over my knitting! That 16 days of knitting - gone, tinked, passed on the Meghan to do with as she sees fit. I started to run out of yarn, tried to shorten charts, made a big fat mess, got pissed off and decided I hated the whole thing. I still love, love, love the yarn but urrrrr!
Still not smoking - over 60 some days now! Yay me!

Tanis Mulberry Silk arrived - I actually drove across the street to grab it from the mail lady before she delivered it to my door. Couldn't wait for 5 more minutes. It's glorious - I love it! Can't wait to knit with it. I think I'm going to cast on Haruni with it on Sunday or maybe I'll use the
Silk n Seacell from Dye Hard Fiber Arts.

Decisions, decisions....

1 comment:

Monika said...

It's too bad about your wrap, but sometimes it's better to let go. :o)

Stalking the mail lady, are you? :o)