Monday, August 10, 2009

That was some storm.....

last night we must have been hit with the edge of a tornado because it was wild around here!

When everything settled - this is what we were left with:

We were blocked in and the road was impassable. It took until around 10 am this morning for the region to send tree removers - apparently, we were the least of the problems.
There was some chick who sat for 45 minutes, flapping her arms and complaining while the tree was being cut apart - she lives 2 driveways over - in all that time, she could have gone around, been home, had lunch and walked back to check on the progress. Another guy tried to drive past while one of the guys was in a cherry picker cutting the higher branches - he gave the workers the finger when he got yelled at to turn around. Another woman driving a big Beemer jumped out of the car in her tennis outfit and proceeded to walk right over to where there were falling branches from the chain saw to complain that she couldn't get through. Honestly.....some people - as if it's the tree removers fault that a tree was blown over and blocked the road. Patience, people, patience! We were the one whol couldn't get out of the driveway (Greg, Jeremy & Andy couldn't go to work lost and one doctor's appointment got cancelled) - we just waited patiently, offered cold drinks (it was stinking hot!), had fun with the kids watching all the goings on.

At least the horses enjoyed all that water! :)

There's been a bit of knitting, mostly preparing for the Knitter's Frolic in September in Kitchener - we will have two possibly three new sock yarns and tons of wonderful projects to highlight some of our best yarns!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Connie...that is awful. I just hate to see mature trees come down, but I guess that is mother nature's way of pruning!! At least no one got hurt. We had a tree come down also in Uxbridge, but on our own property & spent the evening chopping it up. What is the matter with people...things happen... I love the video of your horses. Looking forward to seeing you in Sept.
Marg in Uxbridge