Monday, July 27, 2009

Unbelievably - or maybe I should say predictably it's raining again. It's supposed to rain all week so I suppose we should all be used to it by now, given how much rain we've had this summer. There is a bright spot about this crappy weather for our family - the motor on our furnace pooped out late last week so we have no air conditioning. The part won't be here until August 6th so I actually don't mind that it's on the cool side. Five whole minutes have passed and now it's sunny - with dark clouds looming for round 2.

I have been knitting - I finished the Lulu Leggings from Spud and Chloe - they were fun. Here's Emma modelling one - because they were for her I did shorten them quite a bit. After I finished these I went into a bit of a knitting slump - nothing I picked up particularly inspired me. I spent a few days working on stuff only the rip it all back. My beautiful We Wear Red Sweater was begging for attention but it wasn't quite what I needed.

I whipped out some Prism Cashmere from my stash and cast on for a shawl - I only had 2 - 100 yds skeins so it's pretty tiny. I think with a good blocking it will be fine. I love my ruffle - I doubled the number of stitches by k1, yo and then purled in the back of all the yo's to close up the hole slightly then finished with a k1p1 rib until I cast off. I'm sure I'm going to use this edging again - I really like it alot.

For the past few days, I've been happily knitting away on my We Wear Red February Lady Sweater - my mind is ticking away with future projects but this is a priority! It looks a bit on the small side for me so I think I might give it to my cousin for her birthday - she's not a knitter but was extremely close to my mom so I know she'll love it.

On the shop front, new yarn is starting to arrive - we've had 4 big boxes of Fleece Artist/Handmaiden with Casbah, Mini Maiden, Sea Silk, Merino 2/6, Thrum mittens and Thrum socks arrive. Berroco is expected this week - I've ordered all the new Noro Silk Garden and Silk Garden sock colors and I'm in the process of considering a new yarn to debut at the Knitter's Frolic in September.

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Creativehands said...

Hey! It's summer time and the knitting is easy!
Just thought I'd let you know I still read your blog; so keep writing your blog...
(and someday I might too)