Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Flap Happy and Proud

Isn't this soooo cute? It's the Flap Happy Hat from Spud and Chloe
Sweater and my first ever pom pom - the pattern calls for lots of pom poms but this is for my granddaughter and I think just one pom pom on the top will be fine for her. Instead of just one color, I used all the colors - still needs a bit of a trim but overall I'm very pleased. And....I'm sure there will be enough yarn left for a whole other hat! Or maybe a Ribbit in each color? Hmmmm! Decisions, decisions!!!!
I really like this combo too! Maybe a bit more sedate for older skein each of 7500/7506/7510/7503.

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Domie's Mom said...

Super cute!