Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is not SMART.

My neighbor drives one of these and today I was shocked to see it pull out onto our road. I'm all for the environment and everything but driving this on a day like today is just not SMART. They practically have bicycle tires and I swear if you ran over it, it would just feel like a little bump. The roads are still snow covered and slippery - it would have been SMART to leave this baby in the garage. My husband drives a dump truck which when fully loaded weighs over 75,000 lbs - how much chance would this SMART car have against a big DUMB dump truck. Oh and by the way - who named it the SMART car - what makes it smart?
Today was quite the drive in to work - I'm a big chicken when it comes to driving in the snow - not because I doubt my abilities but because I doubt everyone elses. This morning was a case in point. There were cars completely covered with snow speeding along the road, creating their own mini blizzards from all the snow blowing off them - driving as if it's the middle of June. Then there was the lady with no snow tires who pulled out to try and beat the snow plow coming along - she was inches from being scooped up - inches I say! When I passed her she was completely oblivious to what she had done - either that or she was so embarassed she dare not take her eyes from the road. Last night was no better - snow covered roads, poor visibility and some guy rushing to his funeral passed me at 60mph on a two lane country road with oncoming traffic. Seriously - what's the big rush? Every snow storm there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of accidents all over the place - hmmmm - is it bad roads or bad drivers? I know what I think......
Here's some knitting - just so you know I'm not completely grumpy!

Here's our darling Jeanette with her newly finished vest in Dream in Color Cocoa Kiss - this is Mary's sweater - she used Duets Sock Yarn - who'd a thunk it?
Hey it's Knit Night tonight! Come and join the fun if you can!


Jocelyn said...

*waves hand*

SMART cars are freakishly safe in accidents, because they're designed to be aerodynamic. That is, if it hits your hubbys 75,000 lb truck, it will literally just bounce. The passengers inside are protected by a crunch-proof bubble (it's designed to collapse in collision in a way that protects the passengers).

That said, I wouldn't drive it on winter roads.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, there's very few cars that would walk away unscathed when hit by a snowplow.