Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How hard is it....

to get a coffee order right? I made my regular stop today at Tim Horton's - ordered my regular large coffee, double sweetener and milk with a toasted
cinnamon raisin bagel and what did I get when I had my first big sip at the shop? TEA! Urrrrrr!

I have some finished sweaters to share!
This is the Adult Tulips - and I must say I love it! I didn't think I would like it with the colors I picked but the sweater really comes together with the trim etc. I used Cocoa Kiss for the trim and for the 4th color but two different dyelots.

I'm madly in love with Dream in Color yarn - I've planned another Tulips, another Lucy in the Sky Cardigan and another Baby Surprise Jacket for Quinn.

Here's Imogen from Perl Grey knit for the shop by Angela. The colorway is Cosmic Dawn - it's really nice too! So nice, in fact that I've ordered lots more for the shop and of course, one for me.

I'm here all alone today so it was a good time to blog - I really need to blog more regularly, don't you think?


Creativehands said...

Glad you're back Connie and glad to see you again today. Did you see the Harlot's post today? And we thought they looked like fun? Are we nuts?
Yup! We're yarn lovers.
And yarn lovers = nuts!
I just decided.
Now, I think I'll go wind some Dream In Colour. Or maybe take a picture, or maybe post something or maybe have a coffee (tea would be healthier, but I've got coffee (decaf) on the brain now; thank-you very much!)

Bronwyn said...

Your Tulips sweater is gorgeous Connie!!! It really turned out beautifully. :)

Carina said...

That Imogen looks gorgeous. Now I have to get one. On top of the celtic vest I already ordered. HA, I think I need help.