Friday, February 15, 2008

Look at this Clare!

Two blogs in two days or maybe three I forget......the last two days have been a whirl wind of new yarn coming and, fun, fun! 10 Imogen kits came in a few days ago and now there are only 2 left - looks like that it 'the' project from Fleece Artist. Even my landlord commented (an older Italian gentlemen)that you can't buy sweaters like that in the store. These are one of a kind - works of art. It's a good thing when he notices.....

I heard the best Valentine's story today - one of our customers, Marg, popped in to say hello and she told us about a wonderful random act of kindness. One of her friends was standing in line at the grocery store yesterday and the man in front of her had two beautiful bouquets of 12 white roses. After he finished paying for them - he turned to her friend and handed her a bouquet and said - "these are for you, I want to make sure you have a wonderful Valentine's". Can you believe that? I said, I would have pushed her out of the way and asked where mine were? Marg said she would have followed the guy home! "Joking!"

Mary stopped in for a knitting break today and paid me the greatest compliment ever. She said that me having this shop here has changed her life. She's a wonderful, warm hearted woman who is caring for two elderly parents and sometimes the burden and stress of it all can just get to be too much - she says just a half hour in here with us gives her the energy to keep on going for the rest of the day. I was so thrilled - I always pictured a shop where people would feel comfortable to stop in and knit for a bit - make new friends - a place where everyone is welcome and it seems that I have done just that. A good day....a very good day!


Creativehands said...

Sounds like the 'Cheers' of knitting shops!
I keep trying to get back...and I will you know.
Glad you're back blogging (i've missed ewe)

Anonymous said...

Great to see your updates - I guess a little "whining" pays off.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!