Friday, March 02, 2007

More Ice for Your Drink?

Because we have lots....outside! We did get the winter storm yesterday afternoon and last night. Looks like no horses will be going outside today. This is Misty and Barkley looking at me as if I have a few screws loose. You want us to what???

This is what it looks like all over our property - lots of clean up ! We had extremely high winds and power is out all over the place. Miraculously, we still have power and internet which almost never happens in weather like this. Being in the country it feels as if we lose power before anyone else and have it out the longest. Let's hope we keep it because it's cold out there - and when we have no power we have no water because we're on a well.

Not probably doing any driving today - there's a thick layer of ice all over my truck.

Just glanced out my window - now it's snowing. We are still under a storm warning so there's no telling what more can happen!

I did manage to get all the sock blockers and orders to the mail yesterday before we got hit with this. I ordered bigger boxes for the sock blockers because they were alot longer than I anticipated but guess what? They were still too small. My husband went out and got some bigger ones at a packaging place but we had to cut those down. So they aren't pretty, but they are on the way!

I heard from Angela at Duet Yarns - my order was mailed yesterday and I reordered triple again. She's got some new yarns coming which is exciting! There's been a slight price increase ($1) because she bought a special dryer to speed to drying process after dyeing so she could get the yarn out faster. Totally worth it! I'm expecting almost 1000 skeins of yarn for the shop by the end of March from various suppliers. Isn't that exciting?

Today is a perfect knitting day! Cast on, stay warm and have lots and lots of fun!


Isobel said...

Connie - now I know what my mum and dad are getting in the way of weather - will call Elora later and find out how they are surviving. We had heavy rain and high winds, but no snow, the temp is falling today and wind is gusting but the sun is shining - weird, we are getting a little snow over the weekend. 1,0000 skeins - you have been busy - love the logo on the truck. Keep the babies warm, and you too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, your yard looks just like my yard! It's snowing here now (Kichener). A good kniting day indeed!

heather s