Sunday, March 11, 2007

I am so proud of myself!

Ok I'm really, really proud of myself but first....special thanks to Isobel from Pennsylvania for more amazing charity knitting! You've gone way above and beyond the call of duty - I know everyone at Yellow Brick House appreciates all your hard work as I do!

Now why am I proud? Duets are why I'm proud. I knit this baby up just since Friday night and cannot wait to cast on the finish the pair. This colorway is So Chic and wow, were they fun!

Toe up, which I feel as if I've conquered and an after thought heel! I'm very, very excited about the heel. Totally new skill for me. I was so enthralled with these socks that I wouldn't eat desert at my sister's tonight for dinner. The end was in sight - and I had to get them done! There's a few skeins left (3 I think) in the shop, so if you haven't managed to get a pair for yourself, there's still time. I've also ordered triple the amount again - so more is on the way!
Look what I got from Sarah! Aren't they the cutest? She got them from Good to Be Girl! I went to order my sister a set because she is now a Grey's addict thanks to my DVDs. She actually tried to steal them tonight - well, actually just one of them and I said I would get her some and now they aren't available. Now if I was a nice sister, I'd give her one of mine. But don't you think it would be rude to give away a gift? Yup - that's what I'll tell her! I'm not sure but I might have created a monster because now my sister wants a t-shirt that says I Knit With Grey's to wear while she's watching the show on Thursday nights.


Michelle said...

Great minds knit alike! I too have been working on Duet socks this weekend (finished one already). Toe up socks are great, and this Duet stuff works up so quickly.

Ann said...

Love the colors of your Duet socks. Yes, knitting toe up is definitely the way to go as I have been knitting all my socks toe-up!

Valerie said...

That is one swell sock!I love the striping. I'm hoping mine may come in the mail today so I can get started, too. When they're done are you going to send their photo in to the the featured poster sock for Duets, as they suggest?

Helen said...

Smashing socks Connie. Love the colour, so another one added to the wish list.

Samantha said...

I have a chart that I would like to e-mail over to you. I read your blog and I made a chart that says "I knit with Grey's". You could knit up a shirt with the saying for your sister. Samantha -