Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Market Research

We had a great day yesterday! We missed you, Meg! Overall I was restrained which is a change! Sarah won the spending spree with some amazing stuff! The day started off at the Naked Sheep which we could have arrived at a bit earlier if Sarah wasn't so anxious and jumped
ahead in the driving directions!
Here I got:
Nature's Palette Sock Yarn in Indian Paintbrush

Inca Gold Superbaby Alpaca and Cashmere in Spring Frost ($24.95 per skein for 50 gr. YIKES!)

Sheep Tape Measurer - how cute are they? I've been coveting this for a long time!

Next stop was The Knit Cafe - very cute shop! With a great cafe and very friendly staff! 8 skeins of Koigu Kersti for me for a special secret project!

We had lunch at the Armadillo Texas Grill on Front Street - it was delicious! Next we went on to tackle Romni Wools. Here's I got:

Colinette Jitterbug

Short Addis in 2.5 mm - they are so short I'm not sure they will even work for me - but it's a tool I didn't already have!

Cute little sheep pouch - not sure what I'm going to do with this either but it was too cute to resist!

Romni is a huge store but completely overwhelming - it is stuffed with yarn. If you know exactly what you want then it certainly is a place to go because they have everything under the sun but if you want to spend time browsing in a yarn shop, to me, it would be frustrating!

We save the very best for the very last! Yes! Lettuce Knit! Megan was there so it was nice to see her and enjoy her shop! There was Fleece Artist sock yarn that I was just dying to have but I exercised extreme self control. However, if I don't get those colors in my order I'll be heading back to Lettuce Knit for the ones I want!
Here I got:
One skein of Schaefer Yarn Anne (this is one I'm thinking about for the shop - excellent yardage and beautiful colors!)
Two more skeins of Nature's Palette in Lupine - again this might be an addition to the shop........thinking, thinking, thinking.....
And an exclusive Lettuce Knit Origami Bag with horses on it! Too cute!
We were met by my husband when we got home and I had my whole haul stuffed in one bag and I said, see I didn't buy much? His response was I know that a small bag doesn't necessarily mean a small amount of money spent to buy what's in the bag. Hmmmm, he's learning a bit too much about this whole yarn business stuff!
I'm up early today which is ridiculous because it's March Break and I don't have to be up this early but I think Fleece Artist and Apple Laine are coming today so I couldn't sleep anymore - the problem is that just because I'm up and waiting doesn't mean it's going to come any faster!


Anonymous said...

Hi Connie, I think you did very well and showed a lot of restraint!! What you did buy looks lovely; isn't it true, that you just can't have enough yarn?!
Looking forward to all the new stuff for Pick Up Sticks.

janet said...

I just finished knitting Adare Manor in that same lovely colorway of Jitterbug--Marble. The yarn is fabulous--thick and squishy--and the colors are unmatched. I love it!

Roxanne said...

I did make it to Romni Wools in TO when I was is HUGE isn't it? Did you get downstairs with all the cones too? LOL Wonderful yarn you got and LOL @ DH's comment...he is learning too much! :)

Michelle said...

Wow! What a day! Sound like you had a great time! Enjoy your new yarn!

Angela said...

The best things in life are small and expensive.


Valerie said...

I totally agree about Romni. I only go there if I can't find what I want anywhere else. It's so overwhelming and crowded. My favourite is Lettuce Knit, too. Megan is wonderful and everyone else there as well. I got one of those origami pouches, too, in a chocolate brown and rose vintage print and its great to carry sock projects along. I've even carried it as an evening bag to a wedding. No one knew that there was sock knitting inside!

chris said...

that sheep pouch is a cutie!

you choose some really pretty colours for the nature's palette yarns. i like the shades offered in that line - very "soft". i've knitted up two pairs of socks using that yarn and i'm quite happy with how they turned out.

Lisa K. said...

Yes, yes, yes! Schaeffer Anne!

Ann said...

Looks like you had a great day - a knitter's dream - unfortunately, we don't have yarn shops here with such a great choice of handpainted yarn! Sigh!

Helen said...

Superb yarn haul Connie. Your stores certainly sound like a Aussie knitters dream. Hopefully one day I will get an opportunity to visit some of your yarn stores. Looking forward to seeing all your new yarns. Good luck with taking all the photos.

Carina said...

I'm so envious. Vancouver doesn't have the same number of yarn shops that Toronto has. If it were me shopping at those three stores, I'd probably have no more room to sleep because of all the yarn I'd bought. very impressed with your restraint.

Speaking of restraint, or lack thereof, I just got my sock blockers! Connie, you are the best! I can't wait to try the surprise you put in there!