Thursday, October 07, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

Have you ever walked into a bookstore, desperate to find a book that will grab your attention and keep you reading to the very last page? Those are likely the days that you pick up 1000 books and nothing grabs your fancy! Knitting is alot like that - there are some days that I can't think what to knit, what to cast on, what to continue and then there are other days that I find there is so much that I want to knit or do that is fiber related that I don't know where to start. Combine this with the fact, that I have this crazy pact with myself that I will not cast on lots of projects - just 2 at the most - currently, I have 2 - a pair of socks for Greg and Woman's Energy. I'm hurrying through the socks to be able to focus completely on Woman's Energy BUT there are many, many other projects that are distracting me. And when I say many, I mean many so today I will just tell you about the shawls and a shrug - perhaps I can tempt you to start some of these projects so that I can at least see them in progress and try to satisfy my curiousity about what they will be like - sometimes that's all it takes, right? - just a few rows to see if you can manage that particular pattern and then it's on to something else.

1. Amalia Shawl - this is a really interesting shawl because you knit the lace border first and then pick up stitches to finish the body. Not to mention that's it gorgeous and that the designer is Canadian! (Yarn: Tanis Mulberry Silk)

2. Calsada Shawl - again lace first, then the body. Same designer - YAY! (Yarn: Waterloo Wools Kirkland Laceweight)

3. Celaeno - one of Romi's 7 Small Shawls booklet which has got to be the deal of the century. $20 for all 7 Shawls released over the course of 2010 plus a bonus pair of fingerless gloves to match Maia which I have knit and love, love, love! (Yarn: Malabrigo Sock)

4. Pogona - I'm a fan of Westknits and just love this shawl, love the shape, love the way it looks, love that it looks relatively simple. Stephen is another one who has published a small booklet of his patterns - you can get 8 of them for $20.00 - all totally knitworthy! It's a e-book so talk about instant gratification! (Yarn: Tanis Yellow Label DK)

5. Vaya Shrug - the only shrug on my list but I am dying to knit with it with the Schaefer Anne it calls for and wear it all over the place. Laura Nelkin designed this as she has alot of patterns for Schaeffer - there's tons of her work on my list but this is my first choice for today! (Yarn: Schaeffer Anne)

The hottest gift knit so far is the Ruffled Scarf from Churchmouse Classics - we have a sample done up in Schaeffer Nichole but anything at all would be great! Bigger gauge just means a bigger scarf and that is never a bad thing. We have all the new Churchmouse Patterns including all the new baby ones!

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