Wednesday, October 06, 2010


So no email, no website, I feel as if I'm on a deserted island! It's all starting to work again - I got 180 emails this morning but nothing current - not sure where in cyber space it all is but somehow apparently, it is supposed to make it's way to my inbox! Website front page is up but nothing else appears to be working - oh well - patience is a virtue they say! Hopefully by the end of the day today everything should be back to normal. I called my webguys and told them this morning that it still wasn't working and I guess I sounded a little distressed about the whole thing - he said they are freaking out enough there for everyone - I said, I'm not freaking out, I'm just calling to tell you that things aren't working in case you think they are. Sooooooo he's supposed to call me back the meantime, there's new samples in the shop.

Here's Mom and Daughter Tea Leaves Cardigans from Madelinetosh. This is actually a very flattering sweater - destined to mine once I'm done with the sample. There's still lots of Tosh Vintage available to make these!

Then we have the Hay Cardigan which is new on the Madelinetosh website made out of Tosh Merino Light - again another really versatile, classic, easy to wear cardigan!

And finally Welted Fingerless Gloves - pattern is a Churchmouse Classic and the yarn is Gourmet Cashmere. The photo shows the yarn remaining after we knit one pair with a single strand - there is 26g left. The gloves took 24g soooooo I think if I were to do this again, I would knit them double. Yum! Yum! Cashmere!

And hey! Congratulations to Clare L. who won the Yarns On Stage contest! Her very own Sydney will be on the way to her shortly! Speaking of Sydney - the one Pick Up Sticks won which will be offered for a door prize has been arrested by customs and so his arrival is delayed! Should be here tomorrow - but I guess it depends on how well he behaves with the Canada Customs officials!


Creativehands said...

Oh, for Pete's Sakes!
Why would Customs be interested in a stuffed sheep?? Really!

Anonymous said...

Yipee I won something. I never win anything so I think I should buy a lottery ticket. Will try to drop by on Saturday