Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ah Crap!

Pardon the title but that's how I feel about my knitting today - I was progressing ever so swiftly on 198 Yards of Heaven in Sweet Georgia Wetcoast Winter Merino/Silk Aran until I got to the final sixteen rows and realized I did not have enough stitches. Susan was at Knit Night last night with 2 gorgeous "COMPLETED" shawls of the same pattern and it seems I misread the instructions for the chart and missed several (well, ok about 50 yarn overs and ssk's). Now you'd think that missing something so significant would have made for some kind of messy lopsided shawl - but seriously, it didn't look like there was anything wrong with it - until you matched it up to Susan's - then is was alot smaller and missing all the increases on both sides of the center. Now the ball of lovlieness is sitting nicely on the ballwinder daring me to try again!

Spinning is going well - Deb was very impressed last night with my singles made from her roving. I just have a bit more to spin today - let it rest and then tomorrow I should be able to ply. I have to get this done tomorrow because certainly, I do not have enough to do....Sarah convinced me to join the Yarn Harlots Knitting Olympics which means starting tomorrow night with the lighting of the Olympic flame, I have 800 yards of lace to knit into the Nefertiti wrap. Lovely wrap! Lovely yarn! I think I should go talk to someone......

Lots is scheduled to arrive at Pick Up Sticks any day now.....

from Schacht spindle - Cricket looms, Lady Bug Spinning Wheels, Matchless Spinning Wheels

from Blue Sky Alpaca - restock of Spud and Chloe including new colors, Skinny Cotton, Multi Worsted Cotton

from Tanis - her new merino/silk yarn

from Madeleinetosh - worsted, sock and pashmina

from Sweet Georgia - new 100g skeins of superwash worsted, more Cashsilk Lace, a new yet to be named 50/50 merino silk and roving - lots of roving

and that's just for starters!

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Creativehands said...

How about a Saturday afternoon of Olympic Knitting at Pick Up Sticks?
Sorry, I'm not MIA...close though.