Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spinning? Yarn?

Yesterday Deb came by to help me learn to spin on my wheel. I think it went rather well but I guess you'd have to ask her for the true picture. The bobbin has my first attempt which is a ton better than the other stuff I produced. I keep telling myself that it's artisan yarn. I was trying to spin with a beige merino that I first got with my wheel which was boring so I did really love spinning with color. The fiber was superwash merino dyed by......the same Indie Dyer that did the sock's coming to Pick Up Sticks. Self striping yarn on a 80 merino/10 cashmere/ 10 nylon. MMMMMMMgood!


Anonymous said...

Practice makes perfect where spinning is concerned - that's what they tell me.
Looking forward to seeing yarn from your new Indi dyer.

Angela said...

Looks great! You'll be making Artisan Yarn for The Store in no time!


PS. I'm Up North this week, so I won't see you until the 23rd. Thanks for covering my sift.