Thursday, June 04, 2009

New Samples and some knitting

We have two new store samples -thanks to Linda!

The first is the vest from the cover of Spring/Summer 09 Vogue. We knit this is Twilley's Freedom Sincere DK Organic Cotton - it took 8 balls - pretty spectacular for $56, I'd say!

The Noro is Design #11 from Flowers by Jenny Watson. Colorway is Chirimen #8. Very cute and very versatile.

I also have been knitting - almost done Ulmus - just 14 more rows of the lace border. Not quite as easy as it sounds because it increases stitches every other row. But....I loved knitting it and think it's just gorgeous. By the way....I carry all Kirsten Kapur designs in the shop now so ask for the book next time you're in!

And I've been fiddling with a scarf design in Starry from Dream in Color. I also have idea for 2 different colorways of Indigo Moon for another scarf. What is it with me and scarves?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful knitting from Linda. Will be in on the weekend to see the real thing.