Friday, June 19, 2009

Alright, alright, alright, already!

Here's the beginning of Girasole. Lots of people are knitting it as part of a KAL that my knitting friend came up with! I didn't want to officially join but I had to cast it's amazing! Here it is at the beginning with it was just a tiny little thing on a tiny 32" circular needle.
And now....I am knitting a mammoth project. A gargantuan project with 640 stitches on a 47 inch circular needle. I'm on the final chart of 7 charts and then apparently have a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of thingys to do for the trim. I do love it - seriously, love it but I must say all those stitches in one round can be challenging. My hands are achy even.'s what I think about this project despite the amount of work involved.

1. It's a genius design.

2. It produces a shape that I've never knit before in one piece.

3. Yes 640 stitches can be daunting but it's actually very simple.

4. Yes 7 charts are alot but again....actually very simple.

5. People are going to think I'm brilliant when it's done.

6. I love doing it so much I actually contemplated knitting it 2 more times for gifts.

7. A boy designed it! Yay boys!

8. It's just a big blob right now but will be spectacular when it's done.
9. The yarn I chose is fantastic - Tanis Fiber Arts of course! My new fav!
10. When I'm done I think I should knit this.....again another brilliant boy design!
While we are doing the circle thing, you might as well have a look at this one!

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Judith said...

I too, love the Tanis Fiber arts yarn, how many skeins to do the girosol?