Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm All Twisted.....

See me and my knitting are all twisted. Isn't this a great scarf? I'm going to be re writing the pattern and it will be free with 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon, Silk Garden or Cashmere Island. This one is done with Cashmere Island #11. I really think the young girls in the family will have lots of with this and am already planning my next colorway.

I'm still working on the Inca Gold hats but have significantly pared down my list because they are getting tiresome - I'm working on my brother in laws and have one to do for my son and then that's it. Here's the one for Lisa's husband - Lisa says it's soooo Dave. Whatever that means?
Sunday is Emma's tenth birthday so tomorrow - being a PA day and all - we are having her party. She and 4 friends are going to Twilight and out for dinner. I managed to finish the Twilight book just in time. There's a problem though, I'm sure I'm coming down with something - sore throat, chills, exhausted....and I have to entertain tomorrow - sounds like I should have a nap, don't you think? Like right now - there are those couches in the back - and they are looking pretty irresistable at the moment.
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

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