Thursday, October 04, 2007

Never Ending Sweater and Some Other Stuff

This is the never ending sweater. It's a sweater for my grandson, Liam - the Baby Surprise Jacket in Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Hand Dyes in Olive. Knitting exactly according to the pattern, I finished this on Saturday, took it home and tried it on him. The sleeves were too short - no problem, I picked up stitches at each cuff and added on 4 inches in garter stitch to each sleeve BUT I didn't have quite enough yarn so I had to open up a whole new ball - which lead to the hood. I've picked up and cast on that hood 2 times and finally now I've got it. Hopefully, fingers and toes crossed - it will be done today! It's so gorgeous - not cheap - but really, really gorgeous!

We had a great Knit Night - from left to right is Marion, Angela, Jeanette, me, Carol (our first Learn to Knit student), Vel and Clare! Thanks also to Dawn for coming up all the way from the city to see my shop! It was great to meet you!

Here's the Pick Up Sticks shopping bag! They are huge and roomy made from a great heavy duty canvas. In store or online they are $20 and once you have one, you can get a 10% discount for a whole year. No cards to hold on to - nothing for you to do expect bring your shopping bag for your discount. Of course, online customers can't bring their bag when they are shopping but they can still get the discount once they have a bag!


Dawn said...


I feel like a celebrity. My name is on your blog.

To everyone reading this it is worth the drive to Bradford, the store is beautiful and you get that warm fuzzy welcome feeling.

Next time I am there I am going to sit down and knit!


PS Please post pictures of your grandson in his sweater, I saw it while I was there and it is beautiful.

Janis said...

Beautiful Baby Surprise Jacket! I don't have a baby, nor know anyone who has a baby but I keep making them. Yours is lovely, I love the hood!

Audrey said...

Hi Connie,
Perhaps I'm not the first to warn you of this, but those Baby Surprise Sweaters are addictive! I've knit 4 in the last month (mostly for charity donations). Your's is lovely, I think I will need to try a hood on the next one.

monica said...

Hope the sweater fits the grandson after the alterations. Love the hood addition.