Friday, December 15, 2006

More Charity Knitting!

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday! This is Isobel's charity knitting! Isn't it amazing? Matching mitts and socks! Beautiful grown-up mitts! Thank you Isobel - you went way and above the call of duty!

More yarn was added to the site yesterday as well! Butternut Woolens - it's really nice stuff - very rustic! I love the dyeing! It comes from small farms in the US and Canada - supporting rural communities is a good thing!

Claudia Handpainted has been re-stocked as well.

My little one is home sick today - poor thing! She's got a big dose of the flu! I was up most of the night with her - while my husband slept soundly. Funny how that works!


Suzanne B said...

Oh my, I feel like a big slacker for my charity knitting.......I have one sock done. That's it.

I have to finish two more christmas socks and a pair of slippers and then charity knitting here I come!!!

Isobel said...

Connie - thank you for the compliment, wish I could have done more - there are another matched pair coming in January - promise.
If anyone is looking for a wonderful charity to donate to, does dad really need another jumper, please check out Heifer Internation. For $50 you can buy part of a share in a knitting basket (they are providing 4 fleece bearing animals to communities to produce their own yarn). They have other wonderful gifts as well, but this may be something a knitter would like to be able to contribute to.
Thank you for allowing all of us who took part in the charity knitting to participate.

monica said...

I feel for you, I have two home sick today, one with tummy issues and the other with upper respiratory. I hope they don't share with each other since they have different ailments. All the charity knitting is beautiful.