Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday's Ramblings

I finished my aunt's socks and am working madly on my grandmother's scarf. And now - my grandmother says my grandfather could use a hat - she can't find his hat. I'm torn between buying it and trying to make it. Anyone out there have a super easy, super fast hat pattern for a chunky yarn? Oh - and the Mission Falls Log Cabin throw is blocking.

My daughter is still home sick - her flu turned into a bad cough and cold. I am just getting more and more and more behind everyday. Thursday is my grandson's first birthday and guess who's hosting - me! Yup! About 30 people = pizza and wings delivered. I'm also having Christmas dinner for family so there is only so much cooking a girl can do. Well, actually only so much cooking a girl is willing to do!

And....I do have a serious bone to pick with Canada Post. Yesterday I did the postage for all the sock club packages and I cannot understand how they figure things out. Here - you try:

British Columbia, Canada - over $9.00
Ontario, about 15 minutes drive from me - over $6.00
US, anywhere $5.95
Australia $7.30

All the packages weighed the same. The service I used in Canada is Expedited which might sound really fancy but it's the same price as regular mail. For the US and Australia, I used Airmail which is the quickest.

Weird, eh? Annoying? Definitely!


Roxanne said...

Oh yes, very annoying! I can't believe it's cheaper to go to foreign countries but it is!

Yvette said...

Amen! Canada Post burns my you-know-what. They keep raising the prices while the service gets worse and worser.