Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gift Exchange!

Last night was my little knitting group's gift exchange! It was really fun and everyone was so creative with their gifts!

My sister got me the box in the background - just the perfect size for dpn's, scissors, etc. Meghan got us a pattern for fingerless gloves, a ball of Sublime Cashmere/Silk to knit them with and stitch markers. Sarah and Debbie went together and got us all personalized mugs - mine says, The princess is knitting! Sarah also made us beaded stitch markers and lots of home baking from Debbie! Yum, yum!

What is the weather like in the rest of the world? Here it is the furthest thing from winter! It's mild and looks like the grass is coming back. Weird!

I'm almost ready for Christmas - no tree yet - that's this weekend! Still some knitting to do - 3/4 of a sock, my grandmother's scarf and sewing in the ends of the Mission Falls log cabin for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Oh and that wrapping.....wrapping, wrapping, wrapping!

New yarn is on the way - very new yarn and some surprises for the New Year have been ordered! Stay tuned for the update!


Isobel said...

Love the gifties, isn't it nice when you get something so personal, it means so much more.

We had snow for 2 days last week (outside of Pittsburgh), but it's supposed to be 60 today. It's going back into the 40's for next week. Last month all the local weather guys were saying we'd have a white Christmas (but what do they know).

Looking forward to the new stock, it sounds very exciting and tempting (you temptress you).

Happy (enter the word of your celebration) and the best for a healthy and wealthy 2007.

Anna said...

Aaah, you're so lucky! That is a really nice knitter's Christmas haul! :-D Congrats.

Madge said...

Isn't it great to have knitty friends? Sounds like your group's gift exchange was lots of fun.

Merry merry!

Monika said...

The wooden box looks fantastic, very nice! I would love to drink my tea from this mug! What nice gifts all together! ;o)

Lacey said...

I wish I had a fun knitting group. Maybe when we move back to the states. The weather here in South Korea is cool (40s/50s) in the day and freezing at night. We haven't had rain or snow in 2 or 3 weeks.

monica said...

I would love to get together with local knitters and have that kind of fun. Although I participate in many exchanges on line it would be nice to do it with people you know too. It is unseasonalby warm here too. 60 today.