Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fall Knit A Long

I should be photographing yarn - there's lots of it that needs to be added to the website but I'm just so excited about the Knit A Long I've been working on that I had to post about it. I've gotten the ok from both the pattern designer and the yarn dyer to go ahead so here the details:

Woman's Energy
Wishing You Passion in Your Life
Designer: Sylvie Toupin of Fibre-Isle International

In the Spring of 2009, Sylvie was invited by Women's Work to contribute a piece to the upcoming charity auction in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The proceeds from the charity benefitted Family Violence but I think Sylvie has created a masterpiece that speaks volumes about what women are capable of, what we can withstand, and what we have to offer our families and those around us.

While this pattern is not for the faint of heart, I think even that is appropriate because there isn't a woman I know that is faint of heart. I have chosen Tanis Lace for the project. You can order the color of your choice by going to Tanis Fiber Arts. I will be placing the yarn order on September 1st, with a goal to begin the knit along on Wednesday, September 15th. The cost for the yarn and pattern will be $85.
Now you can, of course, knit this stunning creation in the original yarn that Sylvie used. Magique from Fibre-Isle which is a stunning bison/cashmere blend and feels just like air when knit. The color is natural as shown in the photograph. The cost for the project in this yarn is $400 including the pattern. So you can see why I chose an alternate yarn - I wanted the most participants possible but I can help but think about how gorgeous it would be in this yarn!

You will be able to order this Knit A Long at pickupsticks.ca later today! There will be a special category for it. Please add your yarn color choice in the comments section!

Oh one last thing- while this looks very, very complex - it's actually very straight forward. There are just 3 small charts for the body of the shawl and one chart for the trim.

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Linda S. Smith said...

Hi Connie Loved reviewing and reading about your site. Just became a member with pick up sticks. I saw your article in the month ahead. Will come by hopefully this week and visit the store. Tks Linda so much info, to read-thats great