Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Making of a Yarn Shop

So it seems that buiding a shop from where a garage used to be is a much bigger undertaking than I imagined but...oh so worth it. This is the shop of my dreams, bright, airy, cosy and comfortable. White walls with all kinds of brilliantly colored yarns just waiting to be knit up into something spectacular...............I'm in love and hope that you will be too! Lisa and I are working hard to get it all set up and actually it looks significantly different than these pictures but in the interest of trying (yeah, right!) to keep you all up to date here we go -----my little netbook bit the dust today and is being repaired at Future Shop - I'm actually hoping they lose it so I can get the Macbook I should have bought in the first place. Thanks to Jeremy who even is his fever fog hooked up this computer for me so I could continue to communicate - but I digress - you want pictures so here's pictures!
Here's the exterior - cedar boards - you should smell the wood - glorious!

These shots are of all the stuff unloaded from a 26' truck and 2 cars and an SUV.
This is where the stove and sink are for dyeing wool for rug hooking. The stove arrived damaged and had to be sent back, so no idea when that is actually going to start.
More tomorrow...promise!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it is coming along - cannot wait to see it next week.

Gerry Kinna said...

I am jealous! GOod for you! Can't wait to see it.

Angela said...

It looked amazing yesterday...even with all the stuff in the middle of the floor. Can't wait until Tuesday.