Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's all official....

here's a copy of my ad that's going to be running at the beginning of November - work is proceeding really well on the shop and I'm very excited. New table and chairs have been ordered, new stove for wool dyeing, new fireplace - all scheduled to arrive the last week of October! Of course, as usual, the camera and I are not in the same location but I'm going to borrow my dad's today to try and get some pictures. We will be closing for the move on Saturday, October 24 and have a grand re-opening on November 3rd at 10 am. The more I thought about all the needed to be moved and all that needed to be set up I realized that trying to do it in just a few days was a sure way to give myself a nervous breakdown. I'll keep you posted and hopefully....I'll have pictures this afternoon!

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