Thursday, March 12, 2009

Must blog today!

I've been wanting to, meaning to, trying to blog for the last few days - I'm either in the same location as the camera and don't have time OR I have time but the camera is at the shop.'s what I've been hard at work on - #15 is currently on the needles! I've have to plan the order that they are going to be and I've just got in the Black Cascade 220 for the border so I'm almost ready to put it together. Everyone who knows me thinks it's a miracle I'm still at these square with no end in sight. I even went to the supplier to buy six more colorways of Kureyon that I didn't have in stock to finish it. How self serving is that? Although, I know some of you are working on it too so that's good for you too, right?

Summer yarns have started to arrive and I've done a big shuffle of the store so now you are greeted by all kinds of summery, pastly, shiny yarn when you come in.

The little cylinders of yarn are the perfect substitution for Debbie Bliss Prima - and less expensive and made in Britain. It's actually the identical blend and such similiar colors that it seemed like a no brainer to me. I've got the magazines in stock too - these are my new favorite knitting magazine.

Here's Pure Pima by Berrocco - and Norah Gaughan Volume 4 is also here. I just found out today that Berrocco will credit me back for 2 sample garments a year - no one else does that.

Next week I'm off to Wigamog Inn in Haliburton for a few days with both of my daughters and my two grandchildren. We are joining my sister in law, mother in law and niece and nephew. It should be fun...and a nice break! Florida is just around the corner too and I must say I can't wait to feel the sun again after this crappy winter!

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Sarah said...

Those squares look fab Connie. Can't wait to see it all done.