Friday, March 27, 2009

Florida or Bust

We are on the way to Florida for our yearly vacation - currently we are holed up in a hotel in Brunswick, Georgia after two days of long, rainy drives. I absolutely cannot stand the drive - that is until I discovered the back seat this year. Emma was having bouts of feeling car sick so we traded spots and I figured out that I am really much happier in the back. I can't see the traffic, the brakes lights that suddenly go in when we are all going 70 mph - I'm blissfully unaware back there and can knit, read or sleep to my heart's content. I think Greg is much happier too because I'm not sighing or clutching the door handle - I do take a turn at driving to give him a break and I am fine when I'm driving - must have something with my need to control stuff :0

I brought only unfinished projects with me - no new yarn, can you believe that? I wanted to - a bunch of new Handmaiden arrived before I left and it was all I could do to leave it alone - there is a method to my madness - I figure with only UFOs I will be certain to go home with something finished.
I even brought the Noro Log Cabin in the car - all the squares are done - the strips of squares are done and now I'm putting it all together. Here's a photo I took last night in Summersville, WV while standing on the bed and holding the camera as high as I could. Two strips together - my next additions should match up a bit better because I've counted all the cast on stitches for each square to make sure they match - I'm sure it will all be fine after a good blocking.'s off to bed for me....6 more hours of driving then it's a chair by the pool for me, with my book. ahhhh.


Anonymous said...

Nice progress on the noro blankie. I'm done 12 aquares and have started the 13th - the good luck square! We had an impromptu knit night at my place tonight - Angela, Cathy, Joanne, Vel & Jeanette + take-out indian food I picked up in the city + chocolate covered strawberrie (from Angela), wine and lots of knitting. We missed you! Have a great vacation.

Sarah said...

I'm so excited to see the blanket finished!!