Friday, December 12, 2008

Watch Cap

Here's the Watch Cap from the 1940s. I knit it using Black Parade Dream in Color Classy - it took less than one skein. Lisa's modelling it and none too happy about it because she says she looks worse in hats than I do - and I say, absolutely not possible.

We had our Pick Up Sticks dinner last night at Gio's here in Bradford - we filled the restaurant with 20 knitters! I don't have any pictures because I was having such a good time I forgot to take them.

This arrived in the mail today - a custom colorway of Sea Silk Poinsettia which is the yarn used in the final instalment of the Garden Variety Collection by Susan Pandorf of Sunflower Designs. If you look really close you will see handpainted beads for the trimming and gold beads for the actual shawl. I have collected all of these patterns so this one was a gift from Susan. I think you can still get the whole collection and if you are the least bit interested in beaded silk designs you should.

Sarah brought me a gift - Three Sheeps to the Wind. Isn't it cute? It's supposed to be for a laundry room but it's hanging happily in our knitting room at the shop! Thank you so much, Mrs. Preston!

I've amended my Christmas knitting list - switched out the Aspenglo Wrap for Thrum mittens for my aunt and Thrum mittens for my mother in law. They knit up quicker and I really think that the wrap has to be a store sample. It soooo lovely! Ok - enough blogging back to knitting!

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