Thursday, December 11, 2008

I should not be....

blogging, I should be knitting! I have so much left to knit for Christmas it's beginning to look impossible. Here's a really crappy picture of my sister in law's hat - knit from Cascade Superwash in black with baby pink trim. I left my camera lying around at home and the settings are all wacky now which is why the black doesn't look black and the pink looks like bleached white. The pattern is Gotham from Sunflower Designs.

Miss Mary whipped up this beauty in a few hours on Saturday. Her pattern, Noro Silk Garden Chunky! Very nice!

Right now I'm working away on a 1940s Watch Cap from WW2 for my father in law. He's going to love it! Still to go is a hat for Laura, a sweater (Einstein jacket - almost only sleeves to do), something for my mother in law, a dickie for Greg's cousin, something for my grandfather's caregiver, my aunt's Aspenglo Wrap and and and.........aaaahhhhhh!


Angela said...

Mary looks less than thrilled.

Susan Pandorf said...

cute! nice work,Connie!