Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trina Complete!

Trina was cast off the needles last night just before Knit Night began which meant I could happily sit and knit something smaller! Like Flat Feet - have you tried them? I really love knitting them - everything stays all nice and tidy - no balls falling off the couch and rolling under the couch. Now you may ask why am I knitting with Flat Feet - well, because lots of Flat Feet were shipped to Pick Up Sticks last week and should be arriving any day! We also received 90 skeins of Casbah from Handmaiden - I have 3 skeins of Fleur set aside for a Clapotis - I actually had them sitting on the couch beside me last night to encourage me to keep knitting on Trina. I'm trying hard to finish projects on the needles before starting a new one. Or at least finishing one project before starting something new. I also picked up Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn on Monday - it's all online and available to see in person at the shop. I never carried Kureyon Sock because frankly, I wasn't a fan but this one I do like!

As for following my blog - I wasn't really sure what happened when you signed up for that either. But....I've now learned that it links back to your Blogger profile which means that you can get you blog read more easily or read other blogs you are members of.

Still planning the Book Club - 4 of us are in so far! I'll keep you posted about dates and times!

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