Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's perfect Fall Sunday - cool and crisp outside! I've been doing some blog house keeping - changing the sidebar around a bit - adding some new features. There's a really cool one where you can sign up to follow my blog - would someone please do this? No sense having a following feature with no followers!

Yesterday, I left the shop to run to Chapters (big Canadian conglomerate book store - which bugs me because I love small book stores and none of them can stay in business because they don't have the buying power - I could go on and on about these big box stores - urrrr!)to buy the third book by Christopher Paolini - Brisingr - for my son and my sister - it was one of those days at the book store. You know how somedays (if you are a reader)you can walk in the book store and you can't find a single thing to add to your reading pile. (It might be a relief if the same kind of thing happened when in a yarn shop??) Well, yesterday I found lots and lots and could have actually bought more but exercised some self control. What a novel concept - self control when spending money - hmmm! I got the new Oprah Book Club Book - there's excellent buzz about this book - how it might be one of the best books of all time - I've actually added a Book Stash section on my sidebar - if there's one thing that I've found that knitters like almost as much as knitting, it's reading. I think I might start a Pick Up Sticks Book Club at the shop once a month - don't you think that's a good idea? So then if I wasn't knitting, I could be reading because it would be work related.

I've sewn up the shoulder seams of the Trina jacket so now just have to do the collar and sleeves. After this I'm going back to scarves and socks for a while - I need some quicker gratification other than these big sweaters. So....perhaps now I will get off the couch - switch the laundry around - and maybe just maybe get dressed. I love Sundays!


N McInnis said...

I LOVE the idea of a book club - as long as we can knit while we talk about the books!
Sign me up!!

baby face said...

Dear Connie,
I already follow your blog,
so I'm not sure what's expected of
me. I am very ill and cannot post
all the time, but I do when I can.
I signed up, but don't know what for. Maybe you can tell us on your
next blog, what we are supposed to
do. There aren't any blog police--are there? Ilike reading your blog
and seeing things that you make
and others make also.