Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Perhaps I should reconsider....

knitting sweaters...or maybe just Mr. Greenjeans because it appears I may have a mental block when it comes to this sweater. I finished the body of the sweater for a second time (and it fits this time)but I noticed that the cabled part really pulled in - oh well, nothing a good block won't fix, right? So off I go on the sleeve but the cables were really bugging me - finally it hit me from looking at the picture - alternating with the cables in supposed to be a section of k4 - how could I have missed that? Twice no less! Urrrr - so out if came and now the bottom is being knit correctly for the third time. Don't you just love knitting? I guess this really proves that I love Dream in Color yarn because I think if it was anything else I might have pitched it to the bottom of my bag. Good thing I am so desperate for THIS sweater in CLOUD JUNGLE!

Speaking of Dream in Color - here is Lucy in the Sky(I do have this pattern in stock) out of Classy Cocoa Kiss. Yum - a Christmas gift for my sister in law and so far no mistakes - I've checked and double checked.

I do have a new love and a finished item - the Wavy Scarf from Handmaiden (download for free from Handmaiden blog)out of Swiss Mountain Sea Cotton! Oh my goodness - there are some yarns that just grab you - and this is one - pure pleasure to knit with .

One skein gives you a scarf in excess of 70 inches. And finished! There's not a single person who doesn't want this scarf
when they see it!

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