Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Customer Creations and other stuff

Things are getting very festive around here - here's one of two tiny Christmas trees for the window - see the tiny balls of yarn and knitting that Lisa made. She's so talented! ;)

Here's the front of the store! Simple but pretty I think!

Santa Claus came to Bradford on Saturday night. There is nothing like a small town parade. Laura, Liam and Emma sat on the curb by the shop and watched all the action. Baby Quinn had a nap inside the shop where it was warm with Granny! Both Liam and Emma are wearing the Dream In Color Fatty hats!

Here's two finished pieces by customers. Left is the Mr Greenjeans cardigan made by Linda in Dream In Color Classy Lipstick Lava - it's gorgeous. Both Linda and her daughter have become big fans of this yarn - the long cardigan designed by Laura Chau(pictured above) is next on the list in Black Parade. And....I'm doing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Laura Chau in Classy Cocoa Kiss. If I were only allowed one kind of yarn to knit with(for the rest of my life) - it would be Dream in Color. I love this yarn! I have all of Laura Chau's patterns in stock - the girl is a genius!

This is the baby surprise jacket made by Sherry! It's made from Fatty (Dream in Color)in November Muse - 4 skeins made a sweater big enough for 3-4 years old!

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Anonymous said...

Nice decorations - I can't wait to see them. The completed sweaters are lovely - got to make me one in my spare time - lol.